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Enchantment of the World: Sweden

Enchantment of the World: Sweden
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  • Country profile: Sweden
    From BBC News, a country profile of Sweden, with a link to a time line of historical events.

  • Earth from Space: Colours of Sweden
    From the European Space Agency's Web TV, a video podcast—based on satellite images—about the geological features of central Sweden.

  • Fun Sweden Facts for Kids
    Interesting facts and trivia about Sweden; from Science Kids (created by New Zealander Rene Smith, a science educator).

  • History of Sweden
    The history of Sweden, told through short articles on important events and personalities. From HistoryWorld, created by the British history writer and TV host Bamber Gascoigne.

  • Learn Languages Online -
    Interactive multimedia site where one can quickly learn common phrases in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Indonesian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. Created by Babbel, a pioneer in online language learning.

  • Royal Court - Royal Family / Sveriges Kungahus
    Guide to the Swedish monarchy, with a chronology of reigns of Bernadotte dynasty members; a description of the king's duties; biographies of the royal family; and information on the royal palaces.

  • Sweden / globalEDGE
    From the College of Business at Michigan State University, facts and figures on the government, political structure, and economy of Sweden.

  • Sweden image gallery / Lonely Planet
    Photo tour of Sweden. From Lonely Planet, a leading publisher of travel guides.

  • SWEDEN.SE / The official site of Sweden
    Official Internet gateway to Sweden sponsored by the national government and administered by the Swedish Institute. Offers varied resources on culture and traditions, famous Swedes, the "Swedish model" of state, and other topics.

  • Swedish language learning games
    Easy and fun multimedia activities (with animations and audio) for the beginner-level study of the Swedish language. Created by educator and IT specialist Craig Gibson.

  • Swedish Recipes
    Dozens of cooking recipes from Sweden, with photos and videos. Provided by the television channel Food Network.

  • The World Factbook -- Sweden
    This CIA World Factbook fact sheet provides a map of Sweden and a variety of data on its geography, economy, people, government, and so on.

  • U.S. Relations with Sweden
    The U.S. Department of State provides information about U.S. relations with Sweden.

  • Visit Sweden - Explore
    Travel guide maintained by the Swedish government's Ministry of Industry and the Swedish Tourist Association. Includes a wealth of information on the regions, cities, food, culture, and natural world of Sweden.

  • World Heritage List - Sweden
    The UNESCO World Heritage Center provides descriptions, photos, and videos of numerous World Heritage Sites in Sweden.

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